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The Benefits of Proper Estate Planning

Do you have a will? Even with all the craziness in the world lately, two out of three adults still don’t have one. The majority say it’s because they just haven’t gotten around to it, but some say it’s too expensive or don’t know how to start. So, let’s talk about the importance of estate planning and why you shouldn’t be putting it off.

Estate planning isn’t just for the very wealthy, and services can be quite affordable. And as for not knowing how to do it, that’s what the experts at Mark Weseman Law are for!

Key Benefits of Proper Estate Planning

1. Understanding and Taking Control of Your Assets and Asset Distribution

You’ve worked hard for your assets; you deserve to have them go where you want them to after you’re gone. With a will, you lay out your plan for your stuff, so nobody else gets to decide this for you. 

2. Naming Beneficiaries and Ensuring Young Children Are Taken Care Of

Estate Planning
Don’t put off planning your estate with a reputable estate lawyer.

You get to name who gets what. If you have small children, estate planning allows you to ensure they will be taken care of in the way you desire until they are grown. 

3. Making Specific Arrangements for Beneficiaries With Different Needs 

We don’t all have the same situation, and some of us have friends that are closer than family. By writing your own will, you can make arrangements specific to your situation, whether that be to care for a sick child or name a non-family member as a beneficiary. 

4. Handling Debt and Tax Obligations

Estate planning also allows you to write out a plan for your debt and tax obligations. The last thing you want to do is burden your family with these responsibilities after you’re gone.

5. Ensuring Everything Is Legal, Avoiding Disputes After Passing

When you write up your documents with Mark Weseman Law, rest assured that everything will be legal and correct. You can feel good knowing that you’ve made the transition as easy as possible for your family and helped to avoid any disputes that might arise. 

Rest in Absolute Peace

It’s not a pleasant thought, but tomorrow is promised to no one. Even if you’re young and healthy, don’t put off this important task so you can rest easy knowing your wishes will be followed.

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