Do You Need to Hire An Estate Attorney?

Trying to figure out the next step for your family when you die is an incredibly difficult one. Planning for any situation where you’re distributing assets to or deciding on the structure of your will or trusts requires quite a bit of knowledge and thoroughness to execute.  Given the complexities involved and considering what’s at […]

Setting Up Special Needs Trusts for Children

Special Needs Trusts

When you’re in the process of estate planning, it’s normally fairest to divide your assets equally among your children. In some circumstances, however, it’s necessary to allocate a larger portion to one child over the others. This is where special needs trusts come in.  When Do You Need to Give One Child More Than The […]

Do I Need To Hire An Estate Attorney?

Special Needs Trusts

No one likes to think about getting old, let alone the end of our life.  Maybe you’re in the ‘can’t take it with you’ camp or prefer to live for the day rather than make plans for after you die. Even if you plan to spend everything before you die, there are still many reasons you […]