The Benefits of Creating Trust to Protect Your Assets

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Well-crafted estate planning should include trusts. Even if you don’t have a fortune, your assets are still yours. Do you have a family vacation home? Trusts are a great way to establish ground rules and keep the taxman from claiming it later. What is a Trust? A trust establishes legal protection for the trustor’s assets […]

How to Plan Your Estate through Different Life Stages

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Many people think estate planning means having a will. Others feel as though estate planning is only needed when you’re reaching retirement age. These are just some of the misconceptions about the topic of estate planning. Sadly, it’s misconceptions like these that leave many loved ones unprepared to manage your assets after you’re gone. Regardless […]

What Does Estate Planning Entail?

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What is Estate Planning?  Believe it or not, you already have an estate. Your estate includes everything you own—your car, home, furniture, checking and savings accounts, investments, and personal possessions. From the most luxurious to the most modest lifestyles, we all have an estate. If you’re like most of us, the idea of you starting […]

When Should I Start Estate Planning?

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You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer Speaking with an estate planning lawyer has many benefits. They can help explain the advantages of proper planning that will save you and your family from devastating consequences that can arise from not having a plan in place. An estate planning lawyer is an excellent option for anyone who […]

The First Steps to Estate Planning

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Take Stock of All Your Assets Before It’s Too Late. You don’t need to be wealthy to benefit from estate planning. Your estate can be any size and includes everything you own. Taking the first steps to protect your investments will ensure you know what happens to them.  Step 1: Inventory your assets. The chances […]