3 Reasons for Estate Planning

Estate Planning

To some people, the term estate planning may seem like it’s only for the rich, and you don’t have that many assets to begin with, why do it? Here’s why: it impacts your loved ones, even if you don’t have an enormous mansion, the most extensive IRA, or valuable items to leave behind. Here are […]

How Estate Planning Can Simplify the Retirement Process

Writing Will

There are various benefits to estate planning in general.  One of the primary benefits is that it simplifies the process of planning your retirement.  What is estate planning, and how does it contribute to your successful retirement plan? Simply put, it’s a process through which you decide who will receive which of your assets and […]

Considering Mental Incapacity in Estate Plan

When you’re making an estate plan, you need to consider every possibility that you can. Make sure that you consider mental incapacity when you’re crafting your estate plan. Take the time to thoroughly prepare your plan so that any contingency you can imagine is accounted for. You won’t regret taking the time to be thorough […]

How Do I Know If My Will is Legally Binding?

Wills are made to ensure that your property is distributed according to your wishes after you have passed or become incapacitated by any means. In your will, you will also appoint a manager to take care of the distribution of your property. This ensures safety until its final distribution. When being written, make sure there […]

How to Approach Your Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning

Powers of attorney signify to the agent who will be taking care of somebody’s estate plan when they are no longer fit to do so or have passed away. This agent will be someone the whole family can trust. The agent has to have the best interests of the family in mind. There can be […]

Steps to Take When Starting Your Estate Planning

Living Will

Estate planning is one of the most important things to undertake when making your financial plans. After a life spent working and earning various materialistic and intellectual assets, you come to understand that one day you won’t be here and will have to leave things behind for future generations. A lot of people review their […]

Simple Estate Planning Essentials

Writing Will

There are many avenues and aspects to estate planning. It may not be as simple as you think. It isn’t just putting names in one column and sections of your assets in another column. It requires quite a bit of legal work if you want to ensure that your loved ones receive their inheritance without […]

Estate Planning Should Include Pets

We always include all our materialistic and even intellectual possessions when planning who shall get the various parts of our estates. When people finally decide to do estate planning, regardless of how many times they postpone it because it’s an uncomfortable thing to do, they focus all their strengths on who will get their beloved […]

What Happens if I Don’t Plan My Estate?

Estate planning is the process that ensures your financial and personal matters are secure should you pass away or no longer have the mental capacity to do things. It’s vital you set up and ratify a will to ensure the fair distribution of assets to your beneficiaries when you’ve died. You also should set up […]

Why You Need a Local Estate Attorney

Hiring an estate planning attorney is the first major step to ensuring you create a viable and agreeable succession plan so your family is well taken care of after you’re gone. While enlisting the services of any estate attorney is helpful, it’s best advised that you hire a local estate attorney to handle your estate, […]