Do You Need to Hire An Estate Attorney?

Trying to figure out the next step for your family when you die is an incredibly difficult one. Planning for any situation where you’re distributing assets to or deciding on the structure of your will or trusts requires quite a bit of knowledge and thoroughness to execute.  Given the complexities involved and considering what’s at […]

The Most Overlooked Estate Planning Details

Writing Will

Estate planning is a very extensive and detailed process that requires a lot of flexibility on the part of the attorney who’s handling your estate, as well as poise from you while working out the best steps for you and your family. This kind of planning also requires extreme focus, something that can be difficult […]

Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

Though it’s a hard subject to broach, the issue of estate planning is one that you should approach sooner rather than later. To avoid the messy legal battles involving families when no firm succession plan has been established, hiring an estate planning attorney can help you create a will, establish a durable power of attorney, […]