Who Should Be Involved in Your Estate Planning Process

An estate planning process can prove to be a scary and uncomfortable experience for most people. There is the matter of knowing which legal documents are needed, understanding how to fill out said documents, hiring the right estate attorney, and last but not least, deciding who will be your successor.  It Can Get Overwhelming Surely, […]

Naming Alternate Beneficiaries in Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning

A lot of the time, when people get down to the nitty-gritty of setting up an estate plan, they still manage to overlook some very important factors.  For instance, they assume that one beneficiary is sufficient for certain parts of their estate. Estate planning can be a very difficult experience for people without any legal […]

First Steps to Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The first steps to estate planning are sometimes the hardest. For one, it’s hard to think or talk about what will happen when you pass away. That’s understandably tough for you and your family to process. Furthermore, the estate planning process can be extensive, especially if your family and/or financial situation has several layers to […]