Qualifications to Look for When Appointing Guardianship

Special Needs Trusts

When you’re appointing guardianship for your children, there are specific qualifications you should look for in the guardians. This will ensure that your children are kept safe, loved, and in a stable home after your passing.  Appointing Guardianship It’s not an easy decision, but since you never know what tomorrow will bring, the sooner you […]

Common Mistakes When Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

Choosing a Guardian

When you’re in the process of estate planning, your children’s well-being should be your top priority. That’s why it’s vital to appoint a guardian who can care for your children after you pass. When you’re choosing a guardian for your children, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. Choosing a Guardian Your main duty as […]

Estate Planning: Discussing Inheritance with Your Children

Estate Planning

An important step in estate planning is discussing inheritance with your children. Inheritance can feel daunting to talk about it with your kids. How will you bring it up to them? What will you say?  In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best ways to go about discussing inheritance with your children.  How […]

5 Proactive Estate Planning Steps to Protect Your Family

Powers of Attorney

Estate planning might be something you’re putting off. You’re not the only one – many people avoid estate planning because they’d rather not think of their own passing. But estate planning is important for protecting the loved ones you leave behind.  When your family is mourning, emotions run high. Estate planning takes the burden off […]

Estate Attorney Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

Estate Attorney

Estate planning is all about looking after the loved ones you leave behind. But without hiring an estate attorney, many people end up making costly mistakes that cause even more anguish after their death.  It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re writing a will or assigning a power of attorney all by yourself. Both have […]

The Benefits of Proper Estate Planning

Estate Attorney

Do you have a will? Even with all the craziness in the world lately, two out of three adults still don’t have one. The majority say it’s because they just haven’t gotten around to it, but some say it’s too expensive or don’t know how to start. So, let’s talk about the importance of estate planning […]

Do You Need an Estate Lawyer?

Estate Planning

We will all die eventually. It’s one of life’s few certainties. When that time comes, you can ease the burden on those left behind by having your affairs properly in order. This generally involves some level of estate planning and is best done with the help of an estate lawyer, also known as an estate […]