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Qualifications to Look for When Appointing Guardianship

When you’re appointing guardianship for your children, there are specific qualifications you should look for in the guardians. This will ensure that your children are kept safe, loved, and in a stable home after your passing. 

Appointing Guardianship

It’s not an easy decision, but since you never know what tomorrow will bring, the sooner you start to think about important issues, like appointing a guardian, the better. While you may have a couple that you love, make sure that they possess all the qualities you would want a guardian to have, and to be able to pass on and instill in your children.

1. Parenting Skills

It’s important to consider whether your appointed guardian has the parenting skills to cope with raising children. If your friend has children of their own, that puts them in a good position to know what they’re doing. 

Appointing Guardianship

2. Financial Situation

Take a close look at the potential guardian’s financial situation:

  • How do they behave with their money?
  • Do they have a stable income?
  • Are they financially well-off?

It’s vital to choose someone who has the financial means to give your kids the comfortable life they deserve. 

3. Location

It’s an added benefit if the appointed guardian lives near you. Uprooting your children from their schools, their friends, and their day-to-day environment can have a damaging impact on kids. Keeping them in their normal routine as much as possible will help them to adjust. 

4. Moral Values

Make sure to choose a guardian who shares the same moral values, world views, and religion (if applicable) as you. You want to be confident that your appointed guardian will raise your children with the same moral guidance you would give them yourself. 

5. Age

Choose a guardian who is old enough to have the life experience necessary to raise children well. If your appointed guardian is too young, they might not be mentally or physically capable of caring for kids – even if they mean well. 

Need More Advice About Appointing Guardianship?

Mark Weseman can consult with you about the best ways to ensure your plans get executed exactly as you want them to be. With a trustworthy and knowledgeable estate planning attorney like Mark, your children’s future is in good hands.