Probate administration

A death in the family is difficult enough to begin with. A trusted probate administrator can help look after the legal aspects of the person’s estate so that you can focus on taking care of your loved ones. Whether you are in the middle of this situation now or simply thinking ahead to the future, probate administration is the key to creating a clear and easy process for asset management after death. 

Probate administration is when a legal representative like Mark helps you handle the estate of a deceased person. This applies when someone leaves a will, in which case the probate administrator will execute their wishes. It also applies when someone did not leave behind a legal will. In this case, Mark helps you manage the person’s estate, including paying all debts, distributing assets, and advocating for the beneficiaries.


There are many challenges you might face in this situation:

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When hiring an attorney to handle probate administration, you need someone who is familiar with various aspects of the law. They should be trained in estate planning, wills, trusts, family law, and the specifics of probate administration. Mark brings experience in general practice as well as his specialty, estate planning and probate administration. 

Probate administration is a two-fold service. First, you need someone who can handle all the legal and tax obligations of the deceased person’s estate. Mark ensures that you do not have to worry about the person’s leftover debts, real estate, or liens. Second, your probate administrator will ensure that you do not overpay the government for anything. With help from Mark, the correct beneficiaries will receive their assets, and you can wrap up the legal process with confidence in the future.

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There are typically several stages to probate, and the entire process can take many weeks:

If you do not know what you need, just reach out for a phone consultation. It is probably easier than you think to make a plan and then hire a probate specialist. Mark understands how important it is to get clear information from a caring legal professional. No legal mumbo-jumbo, just compassionate and straightforward advice.

In the middle of a challenging situation with a deceased loved one’s estate? Please reach out and allow Mark to explain how the probate administration process could work for you and your family.