How to Choose the Right Person to Have Power of Attorney

Most people think that creating a will is enough to protect your family and assets after your death. However, choosing the right power of attorney to handle important matters while you are still alive could have a larger impact on your family.

What is Power of Attorney?

Assigning a power of attorney means giving someone the legal ability to make decisions about your medical care and your entire estate. What characteristics should your power of attorney possess? Metal and physical health, as well as the ability to think clearly and make smart, informed decisions, should be at the top of your characteristics lists when choosing your power of attorney.

There are two types of power of attorney – medical proxy and financial proxy. You can choose one person to have power of attorney over both fields, or you can choose one person to be your medical proxy and one to handle any decisions about your estate.

When choosing a power of attorney, choose someone level-headed enough to handle high-stress situations.

How Do You Decide Who Will Make the Right Power of Attorney?

To ensure your power of attorney is the right fit, choose a person you trust and feel close to. Consider someone who will respect your wishes.

Before choosing a power of attorney, discuss your wishes regarding medical care and your estate with the person you consider to make sure you both agree. Find a person who can handle high-stress situations and who won’t easily become frazzled when the pressure is on them. When it comes to designating a power of attorney, the situation is usually highly emotional. The person you choose should be someone that can be assertive and level-headed regardless of the situation.

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