Guardianship vs Conservatorship

What is the difference between guardianship and conservatorship? The two roles are similar, but there are some important differences. A guardianship is when a person is placed in charge of or responsible for people. Generally, appointing a guardian is done when one has children. On the other hand, a conservatorship is when a person is placed in charge of the property and assets of an estate. Both are important roles, and assigning these roles should be part of your estate planning.

When appointing a guardian, you want to be sure to take the time and thought to consider who would be best situated to care for your dependents. Of course, you must also take into consideration whether or not this is a role the person actually wants to carry out.

When it comes to conservatorship, be sure to choose a trustworthy person. Again it is best to make sure the person is willing to undertake the role.

Choosing the Right Person

A probate attorney can help you with various issues that can arise when your loved one’s estate is going through probate.

When appointing guardian or a conservator, there are several things to keep in mind. Be sure to choose someone who understands you and your wishes and who you trust to follow through on those wishes.

It is best to have an honest conversation with the people you choose, to ensure that they understand exactly what it is that you are asking them to do. This conversation should lay out what you expect of the person and what their responsibilities will be. Also, it is important to clearly state what you want to happen after your death so that the person has a clear understanding of how to execute your last wishes.

Working with someone familiar with estate planning, such as an estate attorney, will ensure that everything is legally binding.

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