Estate Planning

Do You Need an Estate Lawyer?

We will all die eventually. It’s one of life’s few certainties. When that time comes, you can ease the burden on those left behind by having your affairs properly in order. This generally involves some level of estate planning and is best done with the help of an estate lawyer, also known as an estate attorney.

There are several reasons you may want to consider estate planning. By having a plan in place, you can avoid legal battles that can happen when a person dies without a will or any estate planning. Also, estate planning gives you the chance to name specific people to inherit particular items or assets. By having an estate plan, you can also avoid having your beneficiaries hit by unexpected tax payments.

In the past, estate planning was considered something only the wealthy needed to do. That has changed, and these days many middle-class families can benefit from estate planning. This is especially true if there are real estate holdings or investments that need to be distributed after you die.

Hiring an estate planning lawyer from Denver will ensure you and your assets are protected after you die.

Who Needs an Estate Lawyer?

Anyone with assets and property can benefit from seeking out an estate lawyer. This is especially true of someone who has dependents, as the estate plan will detail your wishes for their care. In the case of additional real estate holdings, such as a second home or rental income properties, an estate plan will include what is to happen to these properties after your death. An estate lawyer is specially equipped to assist with planning what happens after you die.

Once a person becomes a legal adult, they can begin estate planning. Having your affairs in order is easier with the help of an estate attorney. The need for estate planning increases as you acquire more wealth throughout your life. This can take the form of property or assets. Additionally, estate planning is especially important if you have dependents.

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