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Do I Need To Hire An Estate Attorney?

No one likes to think about getting old, let alone the end of our life.  Maybe you’re in the ‘can’t take it with you’ camp or prefer to live for the day rather than make plans for after you die. Even if you plan to spend everything before you die, there are still many reasons you will need to hire an estate attorney, the number one reason being to save our family the hassle of dealing with your estate in a time of mourning.

You probably don’t give your things away to the first person you see or hand over stacks of cash to the IRS because you’re feeling generous. Why would you?

Hire an Estate Attorney
Mark Weseman specializes in estate planning and can help you ensure your estate is in order.

You want to take care of your family, meet your financial obligations and protect your home and income.

Estate planning means you can decide what happens to your assets and money when you die, and if you want to do it right, you need to hire an estate attorney.

Avoid Costly Family Fights

If you don’t decide what happens to your home, your business, and your bank account, even your car and jewelry, a court will. Without your wishes legally documented, you leave your family open to arguments about who gets what. 

Death doesn’t always bring out the best in people, so planning your estate now can avoid a lot of anger and fighting when you’re gone.

Death and Taxes

They say death and taxes are the only certainties in life, but there’s one other guarantee: If you don’t hire an estate attorney your family will be paying far more in taxes than they need to when you die. 

An estate attorney can help your family avoid probate and giving away more than necessary in taxes.

Why Everyone Needs to Hire an Estate Attorney

Estate Attorneys aren’t just for the rich and famous. If you own anything at all and want to control what happens to it after you’re gone then you need an expert, particularly if you have children.

Rules for wills and trusts vary from state to state, so consulting with an estate attorney will ensure your assets are protected and your wishes are legally binding, specific to the laws of your state.

An estate attorney will also make sure your family’s inheritance is protected from creditors and lawsuits ensuring the bulk of your estate goes to the people you intend it to.

Schedule a consultation with Mark Weseman to get your estate in order.