Avoid Estate Property Battles with Beneficiary Deeds

Estate Attorney

The last thing that you want or need when a loved one passes is to have a family at each other’s throats over material items. This scenario can be avoided with the aid of a legal professional and the proper drafting of a beneficiary deed. Beneficiary deeds are an important part of ensuring that your […]

Considering Mental Incapacity in Estate Plan

When you’re making an estate plan, you need to consider every possibility that you can. Make sure that you consider mental incapacity when you’re crafting your estate plan. Take the time to thoroughly prepare your plan so that any contingency you can imagine is accounted for. You won’t regret taking the time to be thorough […]

What Happens If There is No Will or Estate Plan

When someone close to you passes away, numerous things need to be taken care of. Ideally, they have written out a detailed will and estate plan. However, there are times where this simply is not the case, and the family has to figure something out regardless. If there is no will or estate plan, make […]

Steps to Take When Starting Your Estate Planning

Living Will

Estate planning is one of the most important things to undertake when making your financial plans. After a life spent working and earning various materialistic and intellectual assets, you come to understand that one day you won’t be here and will have to leave things behind for future generations. A lot of people review their […]

Who Should Be Involved in Your Estate Planning Process

An estate planning process can prove to be a scary and uncomfortable experience for most people. There is the matter of knowing which legal documents are needed, understanding how to fill out said documents, hiring the right estate attorney, and last but not least, deciding who will be your successor.  It Can Get Overwhelming Surely, […]

Simple Estate Planning Essentials

Writing Will

There are many avenues and aspects to estate planning. It may not be as simple as you think. It isn’t just putting names in one column and sections of your assets in another column. It requires quite a bit of legal work if you want to ensure that your loved ones receive their inheritance without […]

Naming Alternate Beneficiaries in Your Estate Plan

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A lot of the time, when people get down to the nitty-gritty of setting up an estate plan, they still manage to overlook some very important factors.  For instance, they assume that one beneficiary is sufficient for certain parts of their estate. Estate planning can be a very difficult experience for people without any legal […]

Estate Planning Should Include Pets

We always include all our materialistic and even intellectual possessions when planning who shall get the various parts of our estates. When people finally decide to do estate planning, regardless of how many times they postpone it because it’s an uncomfortable thing to do, they focus all their strengths on who will get their beloved […]

Do You Need to Hire An Estate Attorney?

Trying to figure out the next step for your family when you die is an incredibly difficult one. Planning for any situation where you’re distributing assets to or deciding on the structure of your will or trusts requires quite a bit of knowledge and thoroughness to execute.  Given the complexities involved and considering what’s at […]

When Should you Revisit Your Estate Plan?

Estate Planning

Estate planning, when done right, ensures your assets are being transferred into trustworthy hands, keeping you from the throngs or probate court. When more hands are put in the picture, however, it’s time to give that plan another look.  Once you’ve experienced a life-changing situation or tax laws have changed, you should revisit estate plan […]